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In 2005 Susan Gurnee conducted experiments with what she calls Resonance Art. Trained as a scientific illustrator and trompe-l’oeil artist, she drew on her artistic skill to continue a tradition used by shamans and medicine men to evoke change. The response to her first Resonance Art exhibition, in Graz, Austria was very positive. Since then, due to the inspired reactions from others she painted The Body Vital Series. Over the years she has created many multilayered Resonance Art works that are available as both canvas paintings and as Resonance Art prints.

Sue then experimented with works on paper. Each Body Vital painting was scanned at high resolution and printed using archival inks on acid free rag paper in collector’s quality. The results of this print experiment were astonishing. The vibrations from the painted originals were not lost. Sue now offers special individualized works on paper painted over the giclee prints of the Body Vital Series.

October 7-16, 2022 - Light Art by Sue Gurnee
Festival of Lights, Berlin, Germany

Come One, Come All to the 18th Annual Festival of Lights in Berlin where Sue Gurnee’s series of 7 vibrational light murals are presented on the Hotel de Rome. Each evening from October 7-16, 2022.

October 3-December 20, 2019 - Solo Exhibition
Body Vital Resonance Art

Berlin, Germany

Solo Exhibition of original paintings by Susan Gurnee depicting energetics of the human form at "Body Worlds in the Menschen Museum", directly at the TV Tower in Berlin, Germany, Panoramastrasse 1a, 10178 Berlin.

October 11-20, 2019 - Light Art by Susan Gurnee
Festival of Lights, Berlin, Germany

During the 15th Festival of Lights in Berlin, Germany, Sue has been chosen as one of the light artists to display her Resonance Art on the Bode-Museum as well as on the tallest building in Germany - at the 30th anniversary of the TV Tower.


After graduation from the Studio and Forum of Stage Design in New York City under the rigorous tutelage of Lester Polakov, Sue Gurnee satisfied her ambition to work as a scenic artist and created backdrops and art work for theatre and motion pictures. Hired by the Larson Company in Tucson, Arizona, Sue Gurnee spent two and a half years painting the background murals for the JungleWorld Exhibit at the Bronx Zoo. At the completion of painting the three story high walls surrounding the three acre indoor habitat for endangered species, she founded her own museum exhibit design company in New York called Brickside Studio. After years of painting and fabricating natural history habitats for museums across the United States, she closed her business and moved to the mountains of North Carolina. Here she invites artists and like-minded people to partake of the wonderment of nature. Ken Johnson of New York Times likened her work to Kandinsky and chose her series "Fulgent Cadences" to review and feature during Art Week NYC 2010. Her art work has been projected on the Berlin Dom during the annual "Festival of Lights" in 2013, 2014 and 2015.



“At first I felt nothing. I was busy looking at the colors and the shapes. As soon as I quieted my mind, I felt a bolt of energy surge up my back and my heart chakra expanded. Then I felt warm and slightly light-headed. When I think back on the painting, I can get a hint of the same feeling.”

“Each time I look at the painting, it changes…or is it me?!”

“Wow. I started bubbling up with joy and then felt very loving. My feet were warm and I felt peaceful…”

“I am thoroughly convinced that these paintings are beneficial beyond their aesthetic merit. A growing number of health hotels and clinics in Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Greece permanently display these prints for therapeutic purposes.”


Light Art Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany 2020

Light Art by Susan Gurnee

Giclee Prints, framed or unframed, are available
from the following series:

Six Directions
Eights Signets of Integrity
Twelve Signs of Influence
The Body Vital Series
Twelve Pinnacles of Power
Eight Platforms of Evolution


Sue Gurnee has painted Resonance Art works for public spaces and private clients. If you are interested in obtaining a commissioned painting or an individualized work on paper, please contact  (Please include measurement criteria and location information. From this Sue Gurnee will schedule a telephone meeting with you to outline details of your commission.)

If you are interested in obtaining a Resonance Art print, please contact


2020 – Sylvester Light Art Exhibit for New Year’s Eve Celebration
Featuring Resonance Art by Susan Gurnee, Berlin (Germany)

2019 – Body Vital Solo Exhibit, Body Worlds in the MenschenMuseum, Alexanderplatz, Berlin (Germany)
Light Artist on the TV Tower and Bode-Museum, Festival of Lights, Berlin (Germany)
Twelve Universal Principles, Series V, Zurich (Switzerland)

2018 – Light Artist on the Brandenburg Gate, Festival of Lights, Berlin (Germany)
Six Directions, Series, Zurich (Switzerland)
Twelve Universal Principles, Series IV, Berlin (Germany)

2017 – Twelve Signs of Influence, Zürich, (Switzerland)
Eight Signets of Integrity, Mallorca (Spain)

2016 – Private Commissions

2015 –Light Artist on the Berliner Dom, Festival of Lights, Berlin (Germany)
Wild Fire Wyoming, Todd, NC (USA)
Eight  Platforms of Evolution, Series II, Zurich (Switzerland)
Eight Platforms of Evolution, Series II, Mallorca (Spain)

2014 –Light Artist on the Berliner Dom, Festival of Lights 10th Anniversary, Berlin (Germany)
Resonance Art Limited Editions Print Show, Zurich (Switzerland)
Eight Platforms of Evolution, Series II, Mallorca (Spain)
Shale Account, Moving Image, Berlin (Germany)

2013 –Light Artist on the Berliner Dom, Festival of Lights, Berlin (Germany)
Music of the Spheres Series, Todd, NC (USA)

2012 - Synchronicity Series, Hamburg (Germany)

2011 - Resonance Art Print Show, Zurich (Switzerland)

2010 - Eight Paintings The Fulgent Cadences, Feature Inc., New York City, (USA)
Patience, Wilderswil (Switzerland)
The Body Vital Series (complete with Nervous System Series of Five), Zurich (Switzerland)
Enthusiasm, Kirchberg (Germany)
Constellation Points, 153 East 53rd St., New York, NY, (USA)
Constellation Points, Berlin TV Tower, Alexanderplatz Berlin, (Germany)
Constellation Points, Calle Huertas, Madrid, (Spain)

2009 - Five Paintings - 25 Formations of Influence Series, Feature Inc., New York, NY, (USA)
The Body Vital Series, Twelve Pinnacles of Power, The Life Force, Wilderswil (Switzerland)
New Paintings – The Body Vital Series, Zurich (Switzerland)
Six Paintings – 25 Formations of Influence Series, Todd, North Carolina (USA)
Mercy, Todd, NC (USA)
Six Paintings – 25 Formations of Influence Series, Zurich (Switzerland)
New Paintings – The Body Vital Series, Six Paintings – 25 Formations of Influence Series, Twelve Pinnacles of Power, Wilderswil (Switzerland)

For details about Art Exhibits before 2009 please see