Sue Gurnee



"Doctors did biopsy of the big lump on a tonsil, it showed cancerous. They subsequently did a PET scan and found some cancerous cells in the lymph. However apparently the big lump did not lite up, which then of course would mean the cancer was not there. Which then would mean that you removed it, or am I wrong? Sue, I have no words to describe your amazing gift."

"Thank you so much again for your invaluable help. It gives so many new perspectives about how to look at the different things and people in life. Most grand is how you teach methods to offer counter-proposals in order to solve issues so all feel contented. Thank you for sharing your miraculous gifts."

"Dear Teacher - Thank you for your empathic teaching and the dependable and caring support."

"With great interest have I listened to your Wyoming experiences. Having gained many insights, I wonder if you would be willing to share your Wyoming experiences through storytelling as I am highly interested in learning (more) about the combination of social responsibility, intelligent and swift fearless action, resiliency, dedication, flexibility and much more presented by you in a form that can be understood by all, at every level."

 “Thank you infinitely! There is so much turning to the better within my life that I can't stop being amazed. There is one after another going to be at its right place. I nearly cannot believe it. I am very grateful. Life is beginning to make sense for me. Thank you heartily for all your love! I am continuously thanking you, God and all other helpers. Be blessed!”

“I slipped and fell down a steep concrete staircase. The casualty doctor warned me that the bruises that were all along the side of my body would hurt even more on the next day. I limped home equipped with a prescription for strong pain relievers. A few hours later, Sue worked with me and the strong pain got better.  The next day I got up, free of pain, walking as if I never had had this accident. The prescribed pain relievers got never used.”

“I was diagnosed with a with a posterior cruciate ligament rupture. The day after Sue worked with me, the MR imaging of my knee did not show a rupture anymore.”

“When I went to have the cast taken off, the arm that you healed was / is strong and healed - the X-ray showed a bright white line across the break - which of course is the white light of energy you used to heal it. - It was amazing to see it. I am a nurse.  I have never seen anything like this. Exciting!!”

" I have had the honor to work with counselor and internationally recognized teacher and therapist Sue Gurnee. I want to send this testimonial, as I don’t usually do such things. Sue is different. Really. She provides a compassionate and supportive environment that consistently allows me to open my spirit, mind and physical situations to a new pattern of balance. After she has aligned with my state of being and uses her very amazing “energetic rearranging ” skills, she always finds the way to help my family and me. Her style is warm, supportive, empathic, and she knows just how to use a gentle dose of humor to carefully allow us to find the options and opportunities that were lacking in our systems. She is so professional and her timing is impeccable. She has helped our family with:

Emotional/physical trauma
Stress and illness related problems
Pregnancy and birth issues
Life transition issues
Relationship questions
Hereditary gene issues and how they manifest
Helping me to make decisions when I am too emotional
to see the grand picture
Pain management

In short, she is the only person I would call when I have trouble. The others become choices after I hear her perspective. She is a master of integrity. I am indebted to her. Impossible to itemize the numbers of times she has bestowed clarity on me, I recommend her to everyone. She is not one of those do-gooder happy therapist styles that look like they have it together but are unhappy themselves. Listen, this woman lives each day with principled consciousness. She is for real!"

“What a great experience! What an intelligent way of learning and what a wonderful joy to become oneself!”

“When I was calling Sue for the first time in autumn 2003, I was very impressed because she knew exactly what she was talking about. Within three minutes she detected with only two questions that I was suffering due to an antacid that I had taken half a year ago for some months. And in the following minutes she restored my etheric and astral body. The result was amazing: I felt protected!”

“My father had an operation for prostate cancer. When I visited him two days after this surgery, he looked very bad and was very weak and pale. The next day, the doctors transferred him to intensive care. I called Sue and she assured me in a very friendly way that at distance she would work with my father. Two hours later I found my father in a very different state. He looked much better than before:  he was balanced and very well. For me this was an impressive proof for Sue´s healing power.”

“Sue played a great role in all the amazing transformation processes I went through in the last years.”

"When I started the marvelous school you created – Fields of Understanding -, I had some difficulties in accepting that I would not get a diploma to “confirm” my studies. At the end of the school year, I totally understood why I did not need a written certification.”

“Sue is a true scientist. She explores and does profound research in the domains that are hidden usually from our perception which is focused on the material world. She is able to answer all my questions, to explain all kinds of energetic phenomena and I´m very thankful for her support via phone-consultations.”

“Indeed Sue Gurnee is the only person on this globe who I can call to give true, effective and knowledgeable answers. I trust her reliability and deep wisdom and I always feel her wonderful love and compassion towards all kinds of beings.”

“Sue's immense and extraordinary capabilities are admirable. Every time she answers our questions she works on the body-mind-soul system to improve it and to create more freedom of action.”

“Under Ms. Gurnee's guidance I have learned about the source of a phenomenon and how to deal with energies that affect my well-being. During these last years, the health and strength of my body improved and my weakness and fears diminished. I have much more clarity, much more self-confidence and knowledge about life in general.”

"I thought joining the School of Principled Consciousness would be like boarding a bus for a ride to the next bus stop. Instead I was given a chance to make a trip around the world."

“After working with Sue Gurnee my relationships and my way of being in the world changed completely. I became aware of my own actions and those of others. My values went through a new set of checks and I became more truthful.”

“In February, 2013, I went for surgery. At distance using remote viewing and her healing techniques, she was involved in the whole process from the very beginning. - Sue suggested I do this surgery. She recommended the best month, hospital and preparation and offered to aid me during the whole operation. That was definitely the best decision I could have made! Right after the operation I was very balanced, I didn´t have any of the problems that people have after general anesthesia, I was emotionally stable and felt protected and safe. I needed painkillers only for 24 hours and was on my feet the next day. The healing process was "graceful and easy" as a tribute to Sue´s style of work.”

“In my profession her healing work took effect and I´m very happy now to have found the job I love.”

“All the changes that have occurred while a student of Ms. Gurnee have led me to more happiness and positive results in my life. I feel really blessed and grateful for the good fortune to have Sue in my life.”