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Each year we challenge ourselves to stay in an advanced form of alert composure as we create programs for the year and keep enthusiastic while sharing our research.

New!   Distance Learning Series
Take a Sue Gurnee seminar at home!

September 19-20, 2020 - Welcome to the Season Series
"Welcome Autumn! - Experience Energetic Rebalancing To Enhance Well-Being Using The Power of Energetics"
Distance Learning Seminar

Take this seminar to improve inner security as you create an auspicious continuation to the season by attending this two-day energy tune-up experience designed for all ages.

Using the patterns of optimal health as defined through eastern and western approaches, Sue will lead each participant through a series of lively and high spirited inner rebalancing steps to support wellbeing using the Power of Energetics. Each attendee will create his own chart during the weekend to monitor inner concordance after the weekend program.

For old friends and new students! Course fee includes audio lectures, e-booklet, individual work with Sue Gurnee, as well as, if desired, a phone call to Sue for seminar-related questions.

For more information and registration, please write to

October 3-4, 2020 - Seminar
"Trefoil Energy Programming Process - A Method to Renew Inner Peace of Mind"
Distance Learning Seminar

Dissolve anger in order to expanding to Inner Peace. Since social and cultural educations do not teach ways to maintain balance during stressful times, take this weekend opportunity to follow Sue’s step-by-step energy programming process to integrate a trefoil vibrational pattern of your pre-frontal cortex, your limbic circuitry and the frequency of contentment of the heart.

After harmonizing these three potent awareness areas, open, upgrade and train your energy system to use the language of your superconscious where inspiration, imagination, and intuition can come forth to communicate.

For new-comers as well as those who have studied with Sue before. The course is worth 2 CEU.

Class size is limited. Register early!

October 10-14, 2020 - Group Forum
“When Outer Restrictions Cause Inner Constrictions"

Fall Group Forum
For students enrolled at Fields of Understanding
via distance learning methods

October 24-28, 2020 - 5-day Intensive
"Painting for Inner Peace" 
Dynamics of Creative Expressions"

Distance Workshop

During this week of “The Dynamics of Creative Expression“: What is too little? What is too much? How do I know when my artwork is completed? What happens if I ruin something I worked on for a long time? Do I have to like everything I make? These and many other curiosity questions will be answered during this lively and thoroughly enthralling expedition into the netherworlds of decision-making while engaged in creative endeavors.

With the experience of over a decade of leading global distance learning programs and coaching students from diverse cultures in pursuing creative endeavors, Sue offers a flexible format event. This allows participants to be at home or at any chosen place of their liking to experience an enriching self-exploration and creative exchange. As part of her on-going series of Inner Peace Declarations for unfoldment, Sue shares decades of experience as a professional artist. This week’s focus is on finding the core of pleasure using watercolors. Schedule your own times to listen to the daily audio-lessons. There are about 30 audio downloads in total. You will also receive 3 themed videos. Refine your inner and outer vocabulary using the powers of energetics. After completing the exercise practices using watercolors, make your individual appointment with Sue and discuss your experiences and work.

At the end of the course participants receive a multifaceted vitality program to sustain inner balance while practicing self-expressive techniques.

Declare this season you will deepen inner peace using watercolors and widen your creative expression. The dynamics of creative expressions include factors of enjoyment. Build these while learning drawing and sketchbook techniques. Your private audio of acout 30 chapters in English also includes a total of 3 thoroughly engrossing videos and as well as 5 one-hour zoom sessions via Zoom. Take the challenge! Have fun! Build skills!

For new-comers as well as those who have studied with Sue before. Class size is limited. Register early.

November 7-8, 2020 - Seminar
Using SpiralAction Method™
Topic Focus of the Weekend:
"To Release Unidentified Confusion and Split Motivations Hindering Fulfillment"
Wilmington, NC, USA

Overcome difficulties and gain a clearer overall view for the coming years. Realize when you are confused.Build a foundation of contentment without disharmonious, unpleasant, anxious, or angry emotions. Use the power of this energy process to direct your motivations away from confusion and negativity.

This method will help you in daily life. In your profession, personal relationships, and while exhibiting new behaviors, easily release fears of the unknown. With a unified directional thrust build clarity and fulfillment using your will, reason, and emotional aspects aligned.

First time offered in USA join Dr Susan Gurnee, founder and teacher of SpiralAction Method™, as she shares the Six Steps of this multidimensional tune-up to strengthen decision-making by releasing hidden inner confusions and split motivations.

For new-comers as well as those who have studied with Sue before. Course fee includes refreshments and lunches. The course is worth 2 CEU.

Class size is limited. Register early!

Also available on November 9-11, 2020 in Wilmington:
Private consultations with Sue Gurnee. For more information please contact

November 14-15, 2020
“Cultivating Inner Peace by Using the Power of Energetics”

Distance Learning Seminar

Release habitual non-beneficial subconscious strategies that escalate inner stress and irritation into subtle or overt hostility and anger. Sue has offered other seminars on this theme and in response to requests for further insights will offer new stabilizing strategy programs in 2020. In a step-by-step method participants will learn to align the power of their inner voluntary and involuntary perspectives.

For old friends and new students! Course fee includes audio lectures, e-booklet, individual work with Sue Gurnee, as well as, if desired, a phone call with Sue for seminar-related questions.

For more information on available dates and seminar fees, please write to