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How enduring is your willpower to accomplish your intended goals after the two-year long hiatus from normal routines?

Sprint, don’t walk to your calendar and check if a trip to the Appalachian Mountains, Balearic Islands, or Greece would allow you the jump-start motivations while sharing time with like-minded people.

Perhaps you want to visit Menorca with us in May or Greece at harvest time? Look at these event dates and decide. “Want to come with us?”

Read on!

Awareness Safaris 2023

Sue will guide two ‘tame and pleasure-filled trips’ this year.

May 20-24, 2023

In the spring join us as we walk a historic path around the Balearic Island of Menorca. Its highest elevation is 358 m. The quest is to investigate the biosphere reserve island with its outstanding collection of archaeological monuments. Watercolor sketching and creative writing are encouraged as part of this pastoral excursion as we embark on fulfilling stage one of our circumnavigation of this small island with a 137 mile circumference. (Yes, as most of you guessed, we will also visit a respected cave, a hot spring, and some super delicious eateries on this safari, 2023.) Registration opens on March 1, 2023. For registration and total itinerary please contact

October 6-10, 2023

These dates in Autumn will find us in Greece where those currently enrolled in Fields of Understanding School can enjoy a Group Forum in locations mapped out early this year. You will enjoy learning about flora and fauna. Dip into the Greek language, stay fit, and meander on trails hiked for centuries. For more details and registration, please contact

October 14-18, 2023

During the Fall Awareness Safari we will continue traipsing about in Greece with hiking, watercolor and writing opportunities, as well as, oh, did you guess? Of course… a hot spring and a cave. Registration opens on May 1, 2023. For registration and total itinerary please contact

Reawaken your spark.

Trigger your incentive.

Induce your motivation.

On five continents Dr. Sue Gurnee has shared her skills with doctors eager to develop the perceptive skills of advanced observational diagnosis.

Over the years Sue has enjoyed guiding adventure/awareness-enhancement trips ranging from lengthy wilderness canoe trips, to experiencing mucky caves, to self-endurance journeys to highest cliffs, and balancing experiences through swelling turquoise calas.

During the 2023 summer events participants are offered a more relaxing time and space to enhance inner studies while engaging with soft and tranquil sensory-filled environments.

This summer, visit two of the oldest rivers on earth in the Appalachian Mountains, surrounded by nature’s gentle touch. Balance solitude with camaraderie while engrossed in all or some of available on the formidable list of pleasures at our summer camp for adults.

Kayaks for the new River located just down the lane

22 Hiking trails in the landform of the Kabbalah

An Oration Tower

Movies at the Sundown Theater

Meditations at the Chapel

Lively discussions

Campfire evenings with music

Oh… and a soak in a hot spring

Think and Be

Summer 2023

Week-long intensives happen in August at Growing Wheel.

Our campus in the High Country of North Carolina is unlike most retreat camps. Ok, this may sound complicated.

Since 1995, the 100 acres of forest and meadows of Growing Wheel have provided the setting for co-created projects. Through the years, analyses of plant growth, land reclamation, renewal of song birds, and physical health values were recorded. Growing Wheel investigators have used HiTor as a research center for multitudes of vibrational coding endeavors. This may sound stimulating, it may sound abstract.

If you take the effort to visit, you are required to open to your own experience. From this beginning many understandings can unfold. You may gather insights on the 2.5 hours of hiking trails or gain inner support while working in the Chicory Hill vegetable and flower Gardens.

You may want to relax on the deck of your “tiny” cabin and formulate a sonnet of nonsense rhymes in iambic pentameter to perform at the Sundown Theatre for other guests to appreciate or even critique.

Growing Wheel’s mission takes into deep consideration the condition of impermanence.

With methodical diligence, Founder and Director, Dr. Susan Gurnee has maintained an active study of the powers of causality while decision-making. She often explains, in her variety of ways, that although something exists, it is not sufficient to produce an effect. While something has the potential to produce an effect, it must be subject to causation. It must come into being as a result of causes that give forth consequences.

Simple as this may sound, many of us believe that if we act in a certain way we will get a reward. When we do not receive the prize for our presumed goal-accessing actions we can feel frustrated. Again this summer Sue will open participants to five-day investigations to discover where inner defenses, assumptions, and self-will deter success.

Join five days of re-framing false conclusions, erroneous beliefs, and misconceptions that lead us to prevent sustained happiness and well-being.

August Inner Study Intensives

August 12-16, 2023 - “Evolutionary Project”

At Growing Wheel campus Sue Gurnee offers an eye-opening 5-day experience to help you apply the powers of energetics to gain a unified directional access to fresh forms of attainment. This “Evolutionarily Project” is not a direct-action project. Instead, it serves as a map for accomplishing authentic intentions by further understanding the powers of change.

For many, conflicting emotions arise after desired assumptions fail to materialize. While feeling anger, hurt, or fear, pseudo-solutions abound. Seeking to remain in control, selfish motives surface. Vicious circles of erroneous beliefs follow.

Address conflicting attitudes and create purposeful objectives. During this project replace selfishness with mutuality and find the path of safety while practicing unselfishness.

August 19-23, 2023 - The Power of Happiness

Usually when success arrives it opens to happiness. This happiness may be linked to short-term gratifications. Residual false conclusions, erroneous beliefs, and misconceptions may draw attention away from developing sustained joy. Circles of false conclusions can be broken using a system Dr. Gurnee has produced for this event.

Each Five-Day investigation includes an ebook, audio recordings, and study with Sue Gurnee in idyllic spots around the property chosen through group decisions.

See you soon?