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An astrology article I read many years ago mentioned in 2020 I would become circumspect. I could not casually dismiss this forecast. The word circumspect was not appealing. Its synonyms - cautious, wary, watchful, and unwilling to take risks, caused me to wince. Last year in so many ways, we all became circumspect.

The routines engaged in for almost two decades while sharing learning, camaraderie, and awareness adventures, will continue in adapted forms. This is news I am excited to tell you about. During circumspection- I became wary not to wallow in speculative doctrines, outmoded traditions, or become lost down a rabbit hole of distracting conspiracies. Instead, my convictions remained solid…and…

As I professed my convictions at the start of this year - “to share my unusual gifts and innate skills,” something happened… The gifts amplified. My motives strengthened….and… I was led to another town with a hot spring (which many of you know has been a lifelong desire) to offer therapies in the presence of nature.

Can I tell you more?

In North Carolina, I expanded to a small town with the same population as the town where Growing Wheel International headquarters resides. Two hours’ drive from a place many of you have visited numerous times, is our new satellite location. Near an international airport with access to city-offerings from Asheville are rustic geothermal waters and our outpost. You are certainly invited.

Susan Gurnee

Susan Gurnee

Susan Gurnee

Susan Gurnee

Until then…Escape your limitations. Rediscover unbridled optimism. Neutralize defensive behaviors.

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Feedback from participants of the "Watercolor Painting for Inner Peace" workshop at distance, August 2020:

“Thank you for this wonderful and challenging week. I feel like I climbed a mountain.”

“I had no idea I was going to be able to change so quickly and it shows in my paintings!”

“I have been loving your audios, your voice, and your inspiration. You enticed me to go outside to work on a folding table. Here I am now feeling comfortable and so very happy. I thank you for that.”

“I would seriously like to thank you for the great week I had. it felt like the best art lesson I ever had. In fact, in school we're supposed to draw or paint something the teacher picks for us. For all those years I wished he just would tell us how to paint and leave the what to us. I felt very free and filled with motivation. I learned about energetics and the techniques of water coloring and let my fantasy come out and try itself. I think the energy program you invented is very helpful. For me it may help get easily through my art lessons to just say, "it's his opinion". And he may like my picture or not, I like it and I think it's good. In full picture, I'd like to thank you for the wonderful week I got.”

“Thank you for this very special and very magic seminar week which took me around my world and let me expand into colors and generosity and even discover how to simplify and come easily to a structure which follows into the composition. I trust that the solution will come up during the process with concentration and focus and inner peace. I've been having so much enjoyment I hope so much that I can hold at this level as I keep my sketch book and 8B pencil and felt tip with me as well as my painting table in my room. It has become so important for me this week. I wanted to participate in Minorca and in Todd at Growing Wheel, but since both were not possible due to Corona it was a huge - huge gift that the watercolor seminar it was a huge came to my house. You are such a great arts teacher. You pointed out the important things to jump into the process and progress and enjoy. You make it look simple. I know that it is great art to choose just the important things that can be used to create successfully. I appreciate your lessons so much. I do take the benefit from them. So my heart is overflowing with gratefulness that you made this possible I saw that you were happy being with us. The most special gift was losing the dualistic view on distance seminars. Until this week, we had only wanted to learn from you in person. We listened to the audio lessons and it was like hearing you in a seminar. Your introductions, inputs and comments and seeing all these wonderful people and their efforts to unfold their excellence was totally professionally done. What I experienced in efficiency helped me to compose and how to get the tone and the pure vibes the positive ones that will make people resonate with the art. I can refer to this state of grace and state of expression in many kinds of things I do. I feel more shiny and lively. We thank you wholeheartedly.”