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Fields of Understanding "Late Entry" open for a limited time!

In answer to many requests, we opened a special registration period from January 10 to January 19, 2019 for late entry of the one-year study at Fields of Understanding 2019.

Please download your admissionform from

At Growing Wheel Headquarters

The 2018 summer projects offered in Todd at Growing Wheel headquarters, were successfully completed by many creative volunteers. Participants shared talents and renovated six vintage Airstream trailers. Most exciting was the resounding appeal of the Growing Wheel Method learned by those who attended the summer Five Day Intensives. After practicing the steps of this technique, all agreed it was a masterful way to release inner cross-currents of energy.

Fields of Understanding students enjoyed a Group Forum experience that broke open self-imposed barriers about sharing the pure and expressive language of body movements.

Old and new friends gathered in Zurich and Hamburg to learn Spiral Mapping programming techniques to enhance decision-making.

Thanks to willing participants from around the globe who became enthused by the results, I will continue using these techniques through 2019 with new themes.

A Three Year Study will begin in 2019 of the qualities of Will, Reason, and Emotions in everyday decision-making. Seminars will include themes to:
- widen our awarenesses to lateral and
  vertical patterns of thinking.
- support the power of voluntary and involuntary thoughts,
- find new ways to sharpen memory.

During the winter months, I will be happily involved with creating more Resonance Artworks to support unified directional action. Soon, you can visit the art page gallery to preview the new work.

The upcoming Four-Day Declaration of Inner Peace Intensives will be held in Mallorca in the spring and at our campus in North Carolina during the summer. Check the Schedule Page and sign up early as registration is limited.

At Growing Wheel headquarters our new Color Lab and SpiralAction Study Hall are available to assist visitors to join in our thought-provoking research.

Registration for Fields of Understanding School of Principled Consciousness closes January 9, 2019. Is this the year you decide to take the inner challenge? Give yourself the gifts of widened awarenesses and inner knowings. Share memorable Group Forum experiences with other like-minded explorers. Visit to find out more!

Come and grow with us!

Sending love,