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Join our 2024 study sessions, seminars, five-day intensive trainings and our attractive Awareness Safari.

Three-Part Study Sessions "Unbind Your Mind"

In this three-part study, access inner support using gifted methods and energetic program to nurture consciousness levels that step forth with fear. Not sure if you want to enroll in the 3-part mini-course?

Here are the topics:
Study Session #1 - "Unchain Your Heart"
Study Session #2 - "Unhook the Past"
Study Session #3 - "With Grace and Confidence"


Question: Why do I need to take courses in 2024?
This is the year to find out if what you use as foundational truths are actually subjective opinions. Find if you are detrimentally engaged in an influenced living style that minimizes your well-being. Full satisfaction cannot come easily if some levels of your consciousness insist on comparative yearnings, envy, jealousy, and/or blame.


Take an Inner Survey.

Who are your friends? Why?

Do you compare yourself to others to feel effective and secure?

If so, does that bring on a labyrinth of subjective and imprecise touchstones?

Do you compare yourself to others to remain safe?

Do you believe that conflict can arise without fear?

If so, can conflict arise from pseudo-conclusions and opinions that are mistaken for truths?

Have you noticed patterns appearing in your relationships that remind you there may be more to life?

If you are captivated in any of these topics… sign up.

Rather than mine your memories for disappointments, expectations, self-criticism or grief, join “Unbind Your Mind”. Gain a mature reintegration of unprocessed emotions using the gifted system Sue designed for this purpose. Access gentle ways to train your life force, emotions, and personal outlooks.

Create a safe haven for your imagination.

Take deliberate steps to remain honest.

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